a week ago me and my mum drove to  Adelaide not only for my birthday but to take a tour of the junior campus of CBC/ christian brothers college. When we got to Adelaide we saw my eldest sister who lives in an apartment. Then i went to sleep because as you can imagine the distance from Melbourne to Adelaide is really far and we left at 2.00 in the afternoon. So the next day was Saturday and also my birthday i got a lava lamp a HD video camera then we went to EB games were i got the assassins creed 4 black flag hidden blade. Then the time was 3.00 so we went back to the apartment and met my sisters friend Rex and one of  my brothers Michael. then we went to an active restaurant called charlie’s were you would get a plate and serve yourself witch is way better looking at a piece of paper for half an hour. Then we got a bunch of coins from my mum to go play some arcade games we didn’t win any stuffed animals but we got tonnes of candy. the we went for the desert parlor in charlie’s i got some custard jelly and

strawberry ice cream then we went back to the apartment where we watched monsters university. And i blew out my candles then i slept on a air mattress then it was the next day witch my mum said we stretched your birthday to 2 days. And we also saw my eldest brother called Brendan when we got there Brendan put on the barbecue then we ate some sausages wrapped in bread then the next day was Tuesday. So my mum dropped me of at CBC were  i had a tour even though i know that place like back of my hand. Then just as the new kids and me were walking up the stairs we ran into my old friends and they were surprised and exited and happy. then we saw my new teacher for next year then we saw my friends after that we had to do a classmate scavenger hunt were we would get to know all about each other. then it was recess i played with one of my old friends and after recess we went to the oval and i played with my old friends then we went back to the asvelt and had our free barbecue lunch then after lunch we

went back to our classroom. The teacher said that the students have already worked on some board games and that we could help so i helped Harrison and he wanted a space age game and I told him about a thing called a mech. At first he had no idea what a mech was so i showed him a picture and then he was super happy and then he showed me something called starship troopers witch has aliens and humans and sci-fi weapons. Then it was nearly time to go so we went down to the music room and said goodbye to the teachers and the principal then i went home watched a movie had dinner and slept then it was Wensday were me and my mum went to port road to go see a giant second hand store.  Then me and my mum went to a real estate place were mum had to do some business about getting a house back in Adelaide then we had McDonalds witch happend to be right across the road then when we got there my mum started looking at houses even through she already picked a house. then we went home the next day me and my mum packed and left Adelaide

My time at mpps

this year in 2013 i had left st Mary’s and opened a new leaf. i had made so many memories at mpps and those memories will never be forgotten such as fencing or making and exporting our kahootz. and i made some great friends i made these friends because i branched out of my comfort zone and mpps helped me accomplished that. And we did so many things such as  100 word challenge and maths mate. in about thirty years from now i’m going to look back on 2013 and say i remember that school it helped me get were i’m today. I’m glad i chose this school because it has made things easier for me to learn.

This school has aspired me to do more and try harder at what i do and it has aspired a new generation of learners. This school will never be forgotten.

BTN news

35 years ago one of the most greatest voyages of exploration was achieved. two robotic space crafts called voyager 1 one and voyager 2 were launched into space having the mission of exploring Jupiter and Saturn . there about the size of small cars equipped with instruments to take photos and measurements so we can learn more about space. in 1979 voyager 1 took a photo of a  volcano erupting on one of’s Jupiter’s moons. last year voyager 1 past the place were the solar system is affected by the sun were scientists say the solar system officially ends. by the time it reaches the nearest star it would have run out of power but don’t think its slow it traveling more that 84569 thousand kilometers an hour. And that might give you an idea of how fast its going

100 wc week 12 S.O.S


One day a local school boy was walking home. When he was on the beach he found a bottle containing a message. S.O.S please send help I am being held hostage on blood island with pirates searching for treasure. Sincerely Simon Cowell Simon! said the school boy he’s been missing for 10 years. When he got home he excitedly showed his mum but instead of being happy she was horrified. Simon Cowell was the boy’s father that got lost in an expedition when the local school boy was born you mean you lied to me yes i’m really really sorry.

100 wc weird cake incident

One day at a local lake a man was falling out of a parallel portal then a near by man said what the bloody hell happened its a long story it all started when. Yeah yeah i don’t need your entire life story just tell me what happened well a lizard like person kidnapped my cheese cake so i went after him. So were’s the cheese cake i got hungry but i saved this piece give it here hey that was mine sorry i got a craving when you said cake. well that was a weird story  that was strange

GTAC reflection

this Thursday we went to GTAC (http://www.gtac.edu.au/site/home.html) we learned about cells and DNA. we also went there for another reason to learn about forensic science we also met some amazing people the mentor in my group is called Carlo. we were supposed to figure about were a dog ran of to we also learned about microscopes. we learnt about two different microscopes the compound scope and the stereo scope the compound scope you can look even deeper at what you want to look at. it starts of from ten then twenty then forty then one

hundred I was understanding it until why stop there so i asked Carlo if there’s a microscope that sees a million times deeper and he said. There is a microscope but it would take up the size of a big room. and when we finally got to use the microscopes we first looked at a feather and we saw tonnes of tiny pieces of hair. Then we looked at a leaf  and we saw mini hairs on the sides the me looked a the stem and it looked liked a bunch of spiders were climbing on top of each other.

And we looked at  some water mixed with dog hair and bits of grass but when we put the water under the microscope we saw something that you could not imagine. We saw tiny little iny biny micro organisms witch i thought was plankton then Carlo gave us each a cactus leaf  then he pealed the skin of the cactus and we saw a purple color skin. so we put it under the microscope and we saw a calm pink and white patches and black swirly lines. And I asked Carlo what is biotech and he said biotech is learning about what makes up the body so i could tamper with your DNA coding so i could make you a blond or a red head and make your eyes

blue. And i asked him another question have you ever tried to make another species off a human and he said no because it would be to dangerous to do on a human. Then we looked at a seed it kind of looked like a stone but i think it looks like a mammoths foot with tiny pieces of hair and then we looked at a dead bug we looked at its body and head but its head was decapitated and its leg looked like a stump and its body all so looked like a stone.

We all so had a white board describing what we saw I wrote creepy and terrifying for the dead bug. we also had pictures and we had to figure out what comes first we eventually figured it out but it took a while. Then we got our license to zoom and after that we saw a film in a theater it was about how we were created and why were our selves and its also about DNA the DNA makes us who we are. It makes our eyes what color they are and what skin color we have

Then we could ask questions the question i asked was almost impossible to answer. I asked if you could estimate how many atoms there are in the entire universe what would say but the host couldn’t answer that question but scientists could then it was time to leave. we caught the tram back to school and when we were going to GTAC we caught the buss witch was a first for me but when we got to school thinking about the excursion made me want to go back to GTAC

maths reflection term 3 shapes

2D + 3D  properties and connections

In term 3 we learned a lot about shapes we learnt about two dimensional and three dimensional shapes and and tessellating patterns. And that you see tessellations in every day life we even made our own masks made of shapes. each 3D shape has at least 1 2D shape and a three dimensional and all 3 dimensional shape’s are made up off 2D shape’s but a sphere  isn’t made up of any 2D shape’s. a tessellating pattern is a pattern made up of shape’s were there is no limit and you can use any sort of 2D shape but you cant use a circle if you do your tessellation wont look good

5 cent frenzy – infographs

Q: What is an infographic? infographic is a sight were you can make more complex and colourful graphs

A: A visual image of data.

As a part of our 5C frenzy work we created infographs to create interesting and colourful ways to present our data. There are many online sites the let you create these graphs we used infogr.am

Some of the problems we encountered along the way were. difficulty to find an good graph, difficulty to get everybody included

What we did to over come these were. chose what everybody wanted and we found a graph that we wanted. And got everybody to have a job

What worked with our infographs was the tree map graphs because my group all agreed on it

What I can improve upon is try and get more included in what the group is doing

below are my graph

what i learnt on the holiday

On the holiday’s i learnt that just because someone is small dose not mean that they cant win. And you should always put pressure on your opponent. And always let your team know were you are.Also if you have the ball and your team mate is further away and you have someone on you don’t pass it go for the shot. And that you should always spend as much time with family that you can and take the chance when they come. And if you fail one time just try again. And my partner learned that the aboriginals up in queensland used to bath themselves in the rivers

Draft Of Historical Fiction

One day in the city of Melbourne three children named Manny Jack and Sarah. These kids saw something beyond your nightmares. they saw the ghost of Ned Kelly but we will get to all that. It was the week after Ned Kelly’s death and the week after corruption. Remember those three kids I told you about well they loved getting into trouble. They loved it so much that they wanted to find the spirit of Ned Kelly. Hey guys said Manny lets go find a ghost impossible said Sarah there’s no such thing. Well do you have any better ideas questioned Jack well no but its 1 in the morning and we could get into trouble. We can take my older brother said Manny lets go said Jim.

What’s this gloopy white stuff asked Sarah that’s ectoplasm said Manny. It’s the stuff that ghost leave behind when they float. Hey what’s that asked Jack I think that’s the ghost of Ned Kelly. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH screamed Jim what’s happening to him asked Sarah I think the ghost is taking of his body. In English please said Sarah ghost take over body said Manny. Oh said Sarah where’s my brother asked Ned tell me were my brother is or I’ll pump your guts full of lead. We don’t know why are you still in the land of the living asked Jack I have unfinished business said Ned. I was blamed for something that I didn’t do. And can you three help me find my brother if we find him you can have your brother back.

And only then I’ll cross over ok. Were in but its just us four said Manny there was two members of the Kelly gang and their hanging is today. Ok so lets bust them out said Manny but we’ll never make it in time hold my hands said Ned. Whoa said the three hey Edward said the members I thought you were dead I am dead. Why are you here anyway were here hey you said the cops uh oh said the six quick hold my hands. Ok now were are we great we have no food and no water hey stop right there said the guard oh no said Sarah. Don’t worry there’s six of us and one of him wrong there’s twelve of me and six of you G-G-G-G-G-GHOST said the guards.

But Ned is in Jim how can they hey Ned its your brother but he’s gone now said Jack. Well we cant find him he could be any said Sarah wrong said Ned ghost’s can only teleport in a 4000 mile radius.But teleporting damages the spirit so ghosts can only teleport every second hour. so lets take a look on this map said Manny. so your brother is would be on that island said Manny well lets go. I name this island island Manny hey look a man lets get some information about this island from him said Jack. Hello said the man me name’s Kevin i got abandoned here on this island six years ago.

Then how are you still alive coconut milk said Kevin want some uuuuhhhhh no thanks said the six. Well anyway have you seen any ghosts around here asked Ned yep i saw one  came by not to long ago. But he dissapeard  before i can get a closer look at him. Well we got a ship do ya wanna come with us asked Manny sure do said Kevin. Sure go ahead come with us its not like were gotta get killed said Sarah. Look out below said Jack and Manny hey what are you doing said Sarah were leaving you here for an hour. When your hour is up Ned will come and pick you up. Why are you doing this because your taking all the fun out of the adventure. there is no fun and there is no adventure hey a toilet i dont have to dig a hole and do a number 2 in it like i did on the island said Kevin.